CAD Mobile Client - App for a Computer-Aided Design System


Based on the client's demand, FortySeven has developed a mobile CAD app for the CAD platform that must receive notifications of any product design changes to monitor the design stage of the product. The complexity of this task was to make the app compatible with the platform and allow it to use the same business logic.

The system include:

  • Enterprise Document Management System
  • 3D model evaluation and approval/rejection
  • Adding annotations and Push notifications
  • Adding annotations and Push notifications
  • Communications
Consumer Goods and Services
Mobile Application Development
Mobile, Xamarin, C#, Android, iOS


Initially, the client provided us with an SDK that allowsCAD platform integration and partial implementation of business logic. For our part, we created the UI / UX user interface design, that focuses on seamlessly process engineering ability and design documentation on mobile devices.The design of our mobile CAD application also enabled us to work with 2D and 3D models and establish communication between users to allow them to share information and conveniently leave comments.


The FortySeven' team has developed an agile CAD application for the CAD platform. The app helps to keep abreast of the product design process and product documentation. The user can view, accept, or reject changes to the product design process from the phone or any other device. You can also see and comment on documentation or products 3D models with the ability to suggest new ideas and give comments. Images captured on this mobile device/gadget can be easily shared through product-related connections provided by this portable CAD software. The enhanced features include:

  • Social cooperation with the ability for a coherent discussion
  • Touch-enabled view of documents, photos, 3D models, and graphics
  • Exchanger
  • Customer onboarding process
  • View recent comments
  • Show task checklist
  • Use photos, audio, and video from your mobile device in social discussions

The CAD mobile client is an opportunity to stay in touch with the product design process. The agile mobile CAD software developed by our team combined all the features needed to stay abreast of the product design process or product documentation using the same business logic as the primary CAD platform.

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