Laboratory and Clinical Data Analysis Tools


FortySeven ensures that hospital doctors would quickly obtain all patient data as long as they use the two applications created to help advance medical procedures. Customer requirements are not limited to a single medical app that displays server data. As the hospital aims to cover various aspects of medical practice and patient care, our mobile development team has created two customized medical solutions, respectively.

The systems include:

  • The primary purpose of the first application was to provide detailed information about patients, including their medical procedures, test results, body temperature, recommended treatment, required statistics, etc
  • As for the second medical application, we take it one step further, and depending on the task; we focus on the minimum number of clicks and complete representation of the data. This tool is designed to be used not only for medical consultations but also during surgical procedures. This is why it is essential to see the potential risks of complications and contraindications to surgeries, procedures, vaccines, or medications
Medical Software Development
Mobile Application Development
Mobile, Objective-C, SQLite, Xcode, iOS, Android


During the development of the hybrid mobile application, critical milestones consisted of selecting the appropriate API and data downloaded from the clinic server and the use of an HTTPS connection.Creating the clinic and lab app was more difficult. First, we developed a set of custom controls, each of which was original implementation. Also, our mobile team paid close attention to the application interface. The app is not expected to be overwhelmed with information to allow doctors to capture data as soon as possible.


The FortySeven' team has developed medical apps with various functionality. Highlights of the mobile hybrid medical history app for Android and iOS include:

  • Ease of use. When it comes to searching for disease patterns and information or a quick diagnosis, the mobile app displays data collected from local hospital servers as HTML pages
  • High level of security. All data used by FortySeven to develop medical applications is encrypted. Even if the protection is broken on the phone, no information will be extracted
  • When creating the Ipad app we mainly focused on collecting various information, all on one screen, so that a doctor doesn't spend much time searching for relevant information. It is particularly critical during surgical procedures
  • When creating the Ipad app we mainly focused on Security and enable write caching on the device. The last option was essential for the app to run offline without losing data if the internet connection is broken

These are medical apps designed for doctors to give them access to the clinical images of their patients. There are two global solutions to the mobile health system that differ from each other in the tasks assigned to them, but they help doctors in taking care of patients by providing detailed medical information.

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