Procurement Management System


Based on clients' demand, the FortySeven' team had to develop a procurement management system that enables customer/supplier tracking, sales, and logistics management, and generate reports detailing business process operations.

Requirements to the platform included:

  • 它允许监视和分析工具
  • Supply Chain Coordination
  • Analysis and estimation of company suppliers
  • Provides full visibility of business expenses
Consumer Goods and Services
Web Application Development
PHP, Angular, Yii, JavaScript, jQuery, Apache, MySQL, Oracle, Linux, Windows


The software helps you create and track tasks. The system also enables you to retrieve business process statistics and manage internal documentation. Due to its modular structure, it is easily adaptable to customer needs. The FortySeven development team used different types of databases to process and consolidate reports.


FortySeven has created a procurement management system. The features include:

  • The solution is optimized for mobile devices and personal computers
  • Third-party services are integrated to provide access to public references
  • Public API is available for third-party developers
  • Infographics are provided as a visual representation of the information with the ability to customize the interface according to customer needs

The multifunctional procurement system helps automate purchases. FortySeven has developed a web procurement solution that reduces the time and effort needed to control enterprise expenses. The client intends to configure this procurement system for industrial and commercial agencies, retail chains, distribution companies, etc.

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